In this era of covid-19, people are more concerned about their health. So, if you have been worried about your extra fat. And wondering how can you lose weight and stay fit. Then first, you need to understand few basic things about your body. You need to know what is the difference between weight loss and RAPID WEIGHT LOSS? Normal weight loss is something which can take months or years to work. RAPID WEIGHT LOSS is something in which people expect instant results. People want to join RAPID WEIGHT LOSS  program in which they can lose weight in weeks. Or just in few months. So, if this is what you want as well. And you have been searching all over the internet that how RAPID WEIGHT LOSS program works. Then keep reading this Ebook to get full guidance.

Not all RAPID WEIGHT LOSS programs are going to work for you. So, you need to be very careful in choosing one. Whether you choose a RAPID WEIGHT LOSS program online or offline. You need to make sure that you do not leave it in the middle. You need to complete the RAPID WEIGHT LOSS program until its duration. And not expect magical results if you are not willing to work hard. You can download this Ebook and follow this RAPID WEIGHT LOSS programs. And see the positive results in just few weeks.

Working at maximal intensity for an extended amount of time is physiologically impossible. So if you think that performing tougher workout routines for longer durations will make you shed fat faster. You may want to change your weight loss strategy.

In fact, there is a much more effective way to experience body transformation in much lesser time.

High intensity training can also strengthen the cardio vascular system. And improve your endurance for high level of intensity training for a longer period of time.

Chapter 1 What is HIIT?

For most people who are unfamiliar with HIIT. They commonly associate it with panting, sweating along with unfathomable amount of burpees.

But the truth of the matter is that HIIT is so much more than that.

Yes, there is an element of high intensity as well as of interval training. But having said that, most people never perform HIIT workouts correctly. At the end of the day, they might not even get a single HIIT workout in. Even though they thought they did. So to clear out the confusion, here is what HIIT truly looks like.

High intensity interval training or HIIT is a very specific type of training technique where you give everything you have during short. But fierce spurts of exercise. The bursts are alternated with short and occasionally active periods of recovery as opposed to standing still.

However, the two are very different, as the results produced vary significantly.

The goal of HIIT is not only to raise your heart rate up and making sure that you perform your training at maximum intensity. And to truly reap the benefits of HIIT. You have to push your efforts to the limit during every burst by keeping your EPOC (Excess Post- Exercise Oxygen Consumption) high.

This is also why each burst is short, ranging anywhere between 20- 90 seconds. Because even this much time is a lot when you kick the intensity level up to the max.

This key difference separates HIIT from both high intensity and interval training when done on their own. Research shows that all exercise promotes fat burn by burning calories. But exercise performed at a higher intensity creates the after-burn effect that burns more calories over time. That is exactly why HIIT is such a hit.

It is a workout that is beneficial on multiple fronts since it uses both body weight and added weight. That not only spike up the heart rate but also tone muscles.

The other thing that makes HIIT work is the element of rest. The training is comprised of intense bursts of activity followed by active recovery. This is where the element of rest comes in. Resting between each set is an essential part of the workout. Because if you do not take enough time to recover. You will not be able to push yourself to the limit on the next burst.

Since you are performing at an intense level. You are forcing your body to perform something it is neither used to nor comfortable with. Only by pushing through the limits your muscles demand growth. This explains why HIIT can not only burn fat. But also help you retain muscle mass or even grow in mass – In fact, you won’t find this benefit by performing long hours of traditional cardio sessions.

To put it simply, HIIT can help you shred body fat, staying lean, improve endurance while adding more muscle mass.

The Science Behind HIIT

As seen above, HIIT aims to induce overload. Together, the two components aim to bring about physiological adaptations that lead to increased performance above the baseline.

Think of it like a car engine after a long car trip. Once you have reached your destination. Your car engine continues to stay warm until it slowly cools to a resting temperature. The same mechanism occurs happens in the body after a HIIT workout.

Just as a car engine stays warm once it has been turned off. Your body’s metabolism continues to strive even after the workout is done. This physiological effect is known as excess post exercise oxygen consumption or EPOC.

The EPOC Effect

Also known as the afterburn effect, EPOC helps burn more calories long after finishing your workout.

All these physiological reactions require oxygen and so EPOC experiences an increase in calories post exercise as compared to pre exercise.

Now, while EPOC is applicable to most types of intense workouts, research indicates that HIIT is the most effective means to trigger the EPOC effect. This is because when you perfrom your exercises at a higher intensity and demand immediate energy, anaerobic pathways provide the needed ATP at a much faster rate.

So HIIT is effective because high intensity bouts create anaerobically produced ATP and once it is exhausted, it needs to be replenished aerobically.

This also ties in with the fact that EPOC is more affected by the intensity of the workout and not so much by its duration.

The higher the EPOC effect, the more calories you burn at rest and the higher your Resting Metabolic Rate or RER. Not only does this pattern improve cardiorespiratory endurance but it also allows for greater caloric expenditure during and after the workout when compared to moderate aerobic workouts.

Having said that, it’s still crucial to remember that at least 48 hours of recovery time should be allowed between high intensity exercise sessions and should not be performed more than three times a week.

Is HIIT Right For You?

You also need to be aware of your personal physical limitations.

People who want to take on HIIT should be willing to try out a number of different exercises and be knowledgeable about performing these moves not only correctly but safely as well. If you are above the age of 55, then it is recommended that you take on HIIT with a doctor’s approval.

HIIT is not recommended for anyone with any orthopedic limitations such as knee, back, or shoulder conditions. Likewise anyone suffering from cardiovascular issues like hypertension and heart palpitations should not take on such an aggressive form of exercise.

Chapter 2 Benefits of HIIT

High intensity interval training can also improve endothelial function which is the ability of the arteries to dilate better than moderate intensity training.

Not   only   does   it   improve metabolism but also optimizing insulin resistance

Interestingly,   the   same   also   happens whether insulin is present or not, so the approach can also work with people with type 1 diabetes.

It is a challenge to let go of the comfort zone and pursue an exercise that holds massive benefits.

HIIT Is Efficient

If you have a busy schedule and are unable to work out regularly, HIIT is the thing for you.

For instance, features like the duration of this routine, the equipment you require and the extent to which you need to go in terms of intensity of the workout are important.

What Equipment To Use In HIIT?

Beginner HIIT training can be fairly effective with just your body weight, but as you move along, you may want to introduce some equipment into your routines.

HIIT training can be done using an assortment of methods. You can work with anything from a Stairmaster to a bike or treadmill and even incorporate sprinting, bicycle sprints or elliptical workouts.

But whichever machine or activity you choose, you need to do it hard, fast and only stop when you feel that you can’t possibly push any further.

A popular choice for HIIT in this regard is a treadmill. It is best to use a curved treadmill since this provides a full body workout. Another common choice for high intensity workouts is the stationary bike to accelerate heart rate and keep it pounding there.

An arm bike is also a good machine to use during high intensity workouts. Working out on this machine requires maximum effort and wrestlers have been using it for building their strength for a long time.

However, if you do not have the budget for all these machines or a gym membership, you can simply get a jump rope. A jump rope will get your heart rate up and keep it there for the duration of the workout.

If you want to follow a somewhat no-equipment HIIT plan, then stick with moves like jumping jacks, sprinting or sprinting in place, and high knees to get your heart going.

How Intense Should The Workouts Be?

High intensity workouts are cardio workouts that are aimed at getting the maximum effort in a short period of time. The key is to keep the intensity levels at the maximum.

But for the workout to be effective, you need to determine your own intensity level. For a beginner, the intensity of a HIIT routine will be different from someone who has been doing it for a while. The sets are short in duration, ranging from 20 to 90 seconds but they require full body force. If you feel that you can continue a routine for  more  than  30  minutes,  then  chances  are  that  you  are  not working at maximum intensity.

HIIT is more popular as compared to other methods because it burns calories more rapidly. It has been seen through research that the more intense a workout is, more fat is burnt. Normally, fitness experts judge the intensity level suitable for a person using the RPE scale or the rate of perceived exertion scale.

This scale basically has a 1-10 spectrum, with 10 being the point where you give the workout everything you have got. Every person needs to determine where they stand on this spectrum and try to move to 10 by gradually upping the intensity of their workouts.

How Restful Should The Rest Periods Be?

Without rest periods, you cannot get the full benefits of the workout. Once you are done with one set of exercise, your body needs to recover before it can perform the next set.

The mechanism for HIIT is that the body first goes into an anaerobic state during the high intensity workout. During the rest phase, the body is forced to recover to aerobic conditions. This shift between the two conditions consumes a lot of energy and results in fat burning.

You can also have an active recovery period, such as a plank or walking in place. The ratio that most fitness experts follow is a one to two ratio. For every

one minute of high intensity workout, you have to take a recovery period of 2 minutes.

To see if your workout is going well, you need to see if you can talk and exercise at the same time. If you have the energy left to talk while working out, then there is something that you are not doing quite right.

As you progress and your body becomes used to high intensity workouts, you can make some changes in the sets and rounds of sets. You can either add another set to your workout plan or you can decrease the recovery period between the sets.

To get maximum benefits, make the recovery periods active. For example, for the two minutes recovery time that you get, spend one in a plank and the other in full rest state.

How Long Should The Workouts Be?

The duration for a HIIT workout will vary from one person to the next. It also depends on the kind of workout you are doing.

For example, a Tabata session lasts for only 4 minutes. This routine was developed by a Japanese scientist and is very popular among the HIIT group. Normally, a high intensity training session can last for up to 30 minutes.

However, you do not have to work out constantly for 30 minutes. Break up your workout session into working time and recovery time or split the workout into two to three workouts. Make every workout for 6 to 7 minutes and incorporate recovery time in between to make the total duration up to half an hour.

If you do not have recovery time in between, you will most probably get bored of doing the same thing again and again. Plus, overdoing high intensity workouts can be problematic since it may result in injury. As such, you have to plan out your workout properly.

How Frequently Should You Do HIIT Workouts?

Just like training any of your muscles, you don’t want to train chest every single day. So, you should not perform HIIT workouts daily because it is practically impossible to get maximum results by not allowing your body to recover. If you perform high intensity workouts every single day, it can poses the risk of injury.

This can also happen because you are not giving your muscles and the entire body enough time to repair before diving into another wear and tear session. If you are doing too much of it, your mind will also not be on the same track. You are bound to feel fatigue and that will affect the performance in subsequent workout sessions.

It is advisable to perform HIIT two to three times a week. For example, if you are doing intense leg workouts, you will not have sufficient energy to work out the very next day.

How To Prevent Muscle Burn During HIIT?

The aim of a HIIT session is to burn fat and not muscle. Therefore, to prevent muscle burn, there are a few things that need to be considered. Firstly, it is absolutely essential to take rest days. These days will give your body and your brain to recharge and prepare for the next workout session.



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