In this Ebook, we will learn how to burn your calories. And strengthen your muscles at the same time. If you are wondering how to lose weight. Or burn your calories then walking is the first thing you should start doing. CALORIES BURNED WALKING is something which everyone can do. You do not need to spend hours in gym. Or waste thousands of dollars to lose weight. As CALORIES BURNED WALKING is the solution to all your health problems. CALORIES BURNED WALKING can be done anywhere when you have time. You can start CALORIES BURNED WALKING in the morning. Or in the lunch time in your office in the afternoon. You can do CALORIES BURNED WALKING even when you are walking your dog. There can be various opportunities which you can grab to do CALORIES BURNED WALKING to strengthen your muscles.

If you want to know more about CALORIES BURNED WALKING in details. Then you can download this Ebook and follow the guidelines. CALORIES BURNED WALKING is the simplest and easiest way to burn extra fat and calories. You can do this without spending any extra money.

And  for  others  who  may  be  predispositioned  to  certain  health conditions, walking can reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and even some cancers.

Walking is not unhealthy for your body at all.

Buy one size larger than your usual shoes as your feet tend to swell after exercise.

Wear clothes that have moisture absorbing qualities to keep you dry and chafe-free. Also, put on some socks to protect the feet from blisters and unnecessary friction.

·       Assign a specific time

You need to assign a specific time of the day to your workout. This will make sure that you walk daily without interruptions.

You may want to walk back home from the office.

Looking at how far you have come will give you a feeling of accomplishment.

·       Have a support system

You can have a walking buddy.

Connecting with other people keeps a person focused and active.

It can also help you keep track of your walk.

Buy a pedometer to count the number of steps you take each day. Wear your favorite workout outfit to feel good.

Develop a fun playlist for your walk.

A 20-minute walk can be broken into two 10-minutes sessions or four 5-minute sessions.

Give yourself a day or two to recover and rejuvenate.

If the stiffness and ache do not subside even after a few days’ rest, see a doctor.

Simple walking exercises

Choose the easiest way you can incorporate walking into your routine.

When you get used to it, add five more minutes in the next week.

Once you build enough endurance, add half a mile to your walk in the  successive  week.  You  can  gradually  increase  the  distance walked based on your strength and ease of walking.

As mentioned earlier, the pace of your walk does not matter in the beginning. Once your body gets accustomed to the daily walk you can try to complete the same distance in a shorter amount of time.

Chapter 2

Your Walking Technique 101

Just like any other exercise, walking needs to be done in the correct manner to reap its benefits.

An overall accurate posture minimizes the chances of injury. Poor strides can rip leg muscles and lopsided demeanor raises the risk of back and knee pain. A good posture, on the other hand, relaxes muscles and assists the walker to breathe deeply.

When you walk in a stable manner your body finds it easier to move forward.

This type of walking uses a pair of poles or sticks to walk. The poles are used as a support to push oneself forward during the walk.

Benefits of various walking styles

It improves the balance of your body as well.

Always remember to check your posture before going for a walk. A simple, yet effective aspect of walking, here is what you need to do:

Stand as tall as you can and align your whole body. Your head, neck, back, knees and feet should be in a straight line, yet you don’t have to make your body rigid and stiff. Instead, keep yourself as relaxed as possible.

Make sure you don’t have an arched back. Protruding buttocks and a large belly can often cause such an arch in the back. In order to avoid this, tuck your pelvis and pull your stomach inwards. Sucking your stomach inwards also engages the core muscles.

Keep your gaze straight ahead. A good option is to look 15 to 20 feet in front of you.

Keep your head straight and stable. Your chin should be parallel to the floor. Make sure you do not subconsciously tilt your chin upwards or downwards. Bending your neck to look down puts a strain on your back. It minimizes undue stress and improves breathing as well.

So coming up, this next bit may sound a little bit technical, but is well worth the read, especially if losing weight is what you are aiming for.

After you have emulated the perfect posture, you can start your power walk.

You can also do some gymnastic exercises like jumping jacks to get ready for the power walk. Perform pre-walk stretches as well.

When power walking your arms should be bent at a right angle and should be able to move as fluidly as possible. Keeping your arms at an angle prevents any numbness in the fingers and palms. Also, bent arms build and tone muscles and burn more calories. They help increase the pace of your walk as well.

At this point, your foot should be flexed and your toes should point upwards. Then roll your foot forward so that your toe is the last part to leave the ground. When lifting the toes, give a push forward to your body. This will give your body more momentum and help you increase your pace even more.

When walking, make sure that your strides are not very long in the front. Long strides are often associated with knee and muscle injury. To shorten them, the distance between your forward foot and the body center should be small.

Instead of lengthening your steps in the front, try to increase the distance of the back leg from the center of the body. This can be

done by keeping your back foot on the ground as long as you can. Such a change in your stride will provide more push to your body.

During a walk alternate the movement of arms and legs so that you can easily walk in a straight line.

Finish off your walk by slowing down to cool off your body. Do some stretching exercises again to release any stiffness in the muscles.

Following the correct techniques of a power walk can help you lose weight and tone your body quite rapidly.

Chapter 3

Walking For Weight Loss Tips & Strategies

Your body starts to burn more calories even at rest due to stronger muscles.

Next comes determination. Following certain exercises and strategies before and after the actual walk will boost the effectiveness of your workout. Don’t let anything get in the way of that.

And to help you with consistency, step by step instructions to plan your walk are discussed below.

Pre-walk warm-up exercises

Warming up your body before starting any workout reduces the chances of injuries to the muscles. It eases your body into the ensuing regimen. Before your actual walk, start off with an easy paced stroll to get your body going. After this follow simple stretching exercises involving all the muscles used during the walk. You can do this along the following lines:

  • Take long breaths. Stretch your arms in front and take them all the way up. Slowly release them to the sides.
    • Make circles with your neck.
  • Lift your right arm and take it over your head. Stretch it so that you can feel the tension on the right side of the body. Repeat the same on the left side.
    • Make at least six circles with each ankle in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.
    • After this, move your legs from your buttocks back and forth a few times.
    • Make small circles with each leg, in the form of an eight, 15 to 20 times.
    • Bend your knees and open your feet as wide as your hips. Slowly rotate your hips for ten repetitions one way then the other.
    • Stretch your arms to the sides and swivel them 12 times. Do the same with your shoulders.
    • Hop forward like a rabbit twisting your body left and right. Do 20 reps.

Other exercises like squats and lunges are can also be included in pre-walk stretching.

What is the optimal posture for walking?

Also, it can induce more injury to your back and legs. There are four aspects of a perfect posture.

  • Neck

Straighten your neck so that the space between your ears and shoulders is maximized. However, do not tense your neck as it can lead to constricted breathing.


Move your arms fluidly back and forth keeping them at a 90- degree angle.

Planning out your walks beforehand can help you fight procrastination. A good recommendation is to go on a walk soon after waking up as your body burns most calories in the morning when it has no energy from food to consume.

Keep your pace fast while walking as this helps burn more calories.

Walking a little after each meal is also better as it helps to balance sugar levels.

If all this seems much for you, then stick to the basics and follow one simple rule. Try to take 10000 to 15000 steps a day. Keep a pedometer  with  you  and  monitor  your  movement. 

After the workout, slow down and walk the final furlong at a slow speed. Plant the heel, flex your foot and lean forward. You will feel some tension in the leg. Repeat it with the other leg. Keep each posture for 10 to 20 seconds.

After this, hold on to a support. Extend your left leg back keeping your heel on the ground. Bend the right knee and stoop towards the support. Hold the position for 20 seconds and repeat with the other leg.

With support, stand with legs slightly wider than the shoulders. Keep one foot straight and tilt the other foot outwards at an angle. Perform a lunge in the direction of the tilted foot making sure that the knee does not go past the toes. Repeat on other side.

The stretching exercises for pre and post walk can be performed interchangeably as well.

Chapter 4 Overcoming the Mental Struggle

People who have known the struggle of losing weight understand how it is more than restricting your diet or going to a gym. Losing weight comes with a lot of mental challenge, and requires a package of emotional support and rational thoughts. Simply said, it is a mind makeover.

The answer to this question remains vague for many.

Some days you may want to diet, on others you go to the gym. Such haphazard planning does not help assist weight loss and can eventually become depressing as it likely stops you from achieving your goal.

To avoid getting trapped in this dilemma, set a target for how much weight you want to lose, and give yourself a “realistic” deadline.

Do not fear the results

Always remember that losing weight is just a part of life, results will come but in time. While you keep yourself active in your struggle to lose weight, do not punish yourself by stressing over the results. Let things move at their own pace.

Give yourself a change of perspective- imagine yourself in the future and let go of the overwhelming feeling of being fat. Fear is an obstacle, so sit down for 5 minutes every day before you eat your meal, go to walk and put your goals in front of you. When feeling anxious about your body, tell yourself that your efforts will pay off. Facing your fears empowers you, giving you the ability to continue with your weight loss routine.

Set realistic expectations

It is good to weigh yourself occasionally to know the pace of your progress, but developing a habit of doing so too often would just stress you out.

Research shows that in weight management one of the most important thing is to let yourself relax. Do not tell your brain every

second that it is doing something different. Let your new routine integrate smoothly in your life.

Another   aspect   of   stress   is   having   unrealistic   expectations. Nutritionists often complain of people coming to them for a diet plan that  would  make them size  zero  within  weeks. Such a  huge jump is neither healthy nor physically possible. As much as it may hurt  you,  the  most  recommended  weight  loss  per  week  is  1-2 pounds. Such a realistic approach is manageable, easy on your body and sustainable.

Unconscious Habits

Oftentimes failure results from unconscious habits that get develop over the years. With a new routine comes the challenge of paying attention to every little habit that may have been considered petty before such as opening up a pack of chips whenever convenient, eating too fast, and drinking sodas with food.

To get rid of such unwanted habits that wreck routine requires focused attention. One of the best strategies is to not force yourself. Tell yourself that you want to lose weight, but do not stop doing what you do- except by paying attention to it.

Observe yourself for a week and you may be surprised to see how much you can change by understanding the eating pattern you have. Pick a habit that you consider to be a hindrance between you and your goal- replace it with a healthier one such as schedule a daily walk during your snack time.

Get Support

A person can only have so much will power, and will likely need some sort of motivation. Finding support from friends and family is highly recommended and often one of the easiest to find.

If friends and family appear to be too busy, join a weight loss community group and share your success or failure stories. By knowing that there are people who share the same struggle will help you go on for a longer time.

Give yourself a break

Just as it is for most of us, it can be stressful to work on a routine that is out of your comfort zone. It is a great idea to reward yourself

after a few weeks for the progress that you have made. Trust your body, eating a spoonful of full cream ice cream would not ruin your efforts.

Our bodies are flexible enough to accept a few routine shifts. It is important to keep yourself satisfied, motivated and not bored and restricting yourself from too much can be stressful.



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